FIGMENT is run by a dedicated group of volunteer planners and staff. Our rewards are in communities of artists coming together to create exciting new works, kids exploring their creative impulses, and the public engaging in participatory art–often for the first time in their lives.

FIGMENT Board of Directors

Carly Leinheiser (Chairman), David Koren (Executive Director), Wylie Stecklow (Secretary), Rae Klein (Treasurer), Michael Goldberg, Sasha Koren, Carlijn Urlings, 

FIGMENT Governance Council

Audrey Boguchwal, Peter Durand, The Eye, Miriam Fathalla, Ryan Fix, Whitney Grant, Anna Kadysheva, Alex Kalmanofsky, Debra Keneally, Rae Klein, David Koren, John McGarvey, Cory Mervis, Patty Simonton, Julie Ziff Sint, Wylie Stecklow, Jason Turgeon, Carlijn Urlings, Oscar Yong

FIGMENT Administration Team

David Koren, Executive Producer
Carlijn Urlings, Global Communications Director
Emma Tuccillo, Global Community Manager
Sara Muskulus, Global Business Manager
Fil Maresca, New Cities Director
Jess Hooks, Global Learning Director 
Rae Klein, Finance Director
Wylie Stecklow, General Counsel
Larisa Fuchs, Press Director

FIGMENT Consultants and Advisors

Legal – Joseph Voss (Clark Hill, PLC)
Branding – Marc Levitt and Sheri Koetting (MSLK)


George Ingalls, Producer - Event Management and Logistics 
Benjamin Jones, Producer - Season Long Specialist 
Raquel Muslin, Producer - Curatorial Director 
Christian Trella and Annabelle Meunier, Curatorial Director 
Jeff Levine, Placement Lead
Jenna Hoff, Communications Director 
Marianna Glavin, Volunteer Coordinator 
Victoria Calabro, Summer Long Sculpture Program Director 
Jessica Wallen, Summer Long Sculpture Program Director 
Yung Oh Le Page, Minigolf Director
Vanessa Khouri, Minigolf Director 


Anne Lodick, Producer
Jess Sedan, Producer
Terry Dovidio, Curatorial Director
Peter Zwadzkas, Curatorial Director 
Jen Sirois, Volunteer Coordinator
Claire Davies, Communications Director
Ariel Diorio, Communications Director 
Terry Dovidio, Placement 
Peter Durand, Outreach Director
Gonzo Shiman, Outreach Director


Ernie Ambrose, Co-Producer, Production Director
JoAnna Goldberg, Co-Producer, Curatorial Director
Jen Cooper, Outreach Director and Finance
Patty Simonton, Outreach Director and Finance
Ann Phillips, Volunteer Coordinator
Clara Elias, LNT Director 


Nicole Hickman and Denise Lozano, Producers
Chris Wylie, Production Director
Nicole Hickman and Hill Young, Curatorial Directors
Kienen Mason, Volunteer Director


Christine Irving, Kim Breland and Roxanne O'Brien, Producers
Vicki Clough, Curatorial Lead
Lucien Piekut, Logistics
Lori Kufner, External Communications Lead
Kenett Ng, Volunteer Lead
Catherine Brook, Secretary 


Cynthia Fox, Producer
Josh Rosenbluh, Curatorial Director
Linda Deviller, Curatorial Director
David Shuey, Communications Director
Elysia Lock, Fundraising Director 
Jason Allain, Legal Liaison


Rick Abruzzo, Producer
Emmie Katz, Curatorial Director
Mari Hsu, Curatorial Director 
Absinthia Baum, Fundraising Lead 
Irene Malatesta, Outreach Lead
Marissa Joy Clark, Communications Director
Tessa Levine and Kate Fritz, Volunteer Leads
Ruby Tuesdae, Volunteer Coordinator 


Nicholas Whitaker, Producer
Dusty Reid, Producer / Production Coordinator
Niki Eways,  Production Coordinator


Mark Hornsey, Producer
James Swinburn, Production Director
Gemma Hopkins, Volunteer Director
Andrea Mercer, Curator
Chris Keady, Curator
Daniel Martin, Curator
Emma Hallam, Communication Director
Laura Lopez Rivero, Communications
Hannah Fox, Finance Director
Kim Miller, Venue Liaison

FIGMENT Portland

Anna-Gaëlle Marshall, Producer and Communications Director
Seth Byrnes, Production Director
Kevan Christiaens, Curator and Outreach
Francis Kanach, Curator

FIGMENT Baltimore

Eli Omega, Producer
Patrice Abel, Production and Budget
Kate Smith-Morse, Lead Curator
Elizabeth Ashe, Curator
Jenny Sparkkles, Volunteer Coordinator
Katie Bechtold, Web Design and Communications

FIGMENT North Adams 

Krystal Henriquez, Producer
Jenn Crowell, Production Director
Sue Killam, Curator and Legal Liaison
Michelle Daly, Curator
Jacob Fennell, Volunteer Coordinator
Meghan Robertson, Communications Director
Lynn McEnaney, Communications
Christopher Handschuh, Communications
MJ Shannon, Communications and Outreach
Suzy Helme, Venue Liaison
Lisa Donovan, Financial Liaison


Sarah Berry, Producer
Barbarella Roller, Producer
David Born, Art Curator
Birdie Hess, Communications