Geelong 2013

2013 Artists and Projects

Steel City and The Land of Oz by Hugo Harvey-Oliver and Chris Williams


Steel City and the Land of Oz by Hugo Harvey-Oliver and Chris Williams at FIGMENT Geelong 2013 (c) Lance Youston

”I envisioned an inviting keyhole encouraging people to look into it.  The keyhole was supplemented with text that says, “Look inside.”  The door was not functional, such as it will open.  The electronics were hidden inside of the door or otherwise not visible as visible electronics break the illusion. The dimensions of the door were not as important as the construction of the keyhole, the door only hides the electronics’. Through the keyhole, the participants were able to view sites in Pittsburgh, USA in real time.


The Robots Are Coming! 3D Printing Exhibition by Flow Design

The Robots Are Coming! 3D Printing Exhibition by Flow Design at FIGMENT Geelong 2013 (c) Lance Youston

 Look out!  The robots are coming! Additive manufacturing, or 3D Printing, is a new technology that is brimming with possibilities. It allows you to make pretty much anything (up to a certain size) in a range of materials and colours. This awesome robot (3D printer) created brand new objects before figment participants' very eyes!


 Tree of Hang-Ups by Phil Allen/John Heritage

Tree of HangUps by Phil Allen and John Heritage at FIGMENT Geelong 2013 (c) Phil Allen

 A brightly coloured tree with increasing amount of leaves, the goal was to get rid of peoples ‘hang-ups’! The plywood leaves had looped cord attached so people could write/draw a ‘hang-up’ on the leaf and attach it to the tree. Wind added movement to the leaves and throughout ‘figment’ the tree was covered with hundreds of leaves. It was suitable for all ages as there were lower branches allowing for children's easy access.

 Colour Me Happy by Mike McLean

Colour Me Happy by Mike McLean at FIGMENT Geelong 2013 (c) Lance Youston

 In Colour Me Happy, members of the public were able to shoot paint from water pistol at the mural to be involved in the creative process. This event used sanctioned street art techniques to raise awareness about graffiti and vandalism issues amongst local communities and young people. Participants reflected and engaged in these issues in a positive and fun way.


Figment in Motion by Jai Marshall

While making a lap of the d to a cardboard bubble. Using a digital camera, Jai photographed participants holding their work. Once he completed a lap, He downloaded images onto a slide program on lap-top, that continuously ran. The completed speech-bubbles were displayed/pinned to backboard behind laptop. Then he started the process all over again…


 Interactive Plastic   by Rachel Burke

 Interactive Plastic by Rachel Burke at FIGMENT Geelong 2013 (c) Erin Pimm Photography

"I was actually collecting material for my children’s Kinder when I began gathering plastic bottle caps. What shocked me was how quickly they mounted up. I felt a mixture of guilt and disgust because it illustrated just how much plastic we generated as a household, but at the same time I was struck by the bold colours and started to think I could up-cycle them into an art piece."

Interactive Plastic re-cycled the plastic caps into an oversized dot matrix colour pallet. Each participant was able to arrange the caps onto the white board which acted as the blank canvas, to any design they wanted. 

The work in progress and the final designs were captured on time-lapse video, so in effect the Interactive Plastic marquee acted as a mini-TV studio. Over the entire weekend she amassed a huge collection of input from FIGMENT participants.


Costume Life Drawing in the Park   with Janne Kearney and Geelong Artists’ Society

Costumed Life Drawing by Janne Kearney at FIGMENT Geelong 2013 (c) Lance Youston

As part of the FIGMENT Geelong 2013 event, participants were invited to come and enjoy the fun of either dressing up and modelling, or taking part in drawing the figure. They were provided with paper and charcoal, pencils pads and the beautiful back drop of Johnstone Park. The emphasis was on exploring artistic style and creating some fabulous works of art to take home.


 Interactive Reading of “Celeste, Nick and the Magical Tea Party”   by Miss Dinkles

Miss Dinkles by Joelie Atkinson at FIGMENT Geelong (c) 2013 Kirstine Wallis

 Kids joined in the fun adventures as Miss Dinkles took them to a magical tea party experience. The author of “Celeste, Nick and the Magical Tea Party”, delighted her young audience with an enchanted reading.  Dressed as Miss Dinkles, she sprinkled story inspired interactive activities throughout the reading. They were brain boosting, motivational, educational and above all amazingly entertaining.


 Welcome to Puppetville by Nicholas Dacomb



 'Puppetville' was an enchanting interactive Puppet Theatre where participants were allowed to pick-up a puppet and joined in on the fun. The theatre had an enchanting feel as the participants slipped into a different world, letting go of preconceptions that allowed one to express his/her self through the Puppet. When the puppets got itchy feet they headed out into the park with their roving tropical island set, talking and playing music for passers by.

 Tree as Temple  by  seedlING

Tree as Temple by Seedling at FIGMENT Geelong 2013 (c) Lance Youston

Tree as Temple’ was a site specific, interactive installation that grew over the Figment weekend.  ‘Tree as Temple’ invited the audience to make a pilgrimage into the space and creatively add to the sanctuary.  The audience was encouraged to write in the ‘Book of Trees,’ join in with the gospel inspired songs, create images to hang on the ‘Tree as Temple’ for blessings, sit in quiet contemplation, listen to multicultural tales of trees and contribute to the space by creating and leaving offerings.

 A MAZE   by dare

This maze was created for people to wander through and paint, decorate and enjoy their journey to the other side. This was an interactive experience for people to use their senses to move through the maze as well as viewing different art pieces and messages left by others along the way.


Circle Of Peace by Meghan Stewart-Snoad

Circle Of Peace by Meghan Stewart-Snoad at FIGMENT Geelong 2013 (c) Danka Dear

The final artwork was made up of 22 origami paper cranes, made from coloured cardboard.  All paper cranes had small hole in the bottom of them, which Meghan inflated andput a bamboo pole in each one of them. They were then be skewered into the grass.  Each crane had a container of pens underneath them, so that the general public drew or wrote on them.  Each crane stood at around 60cm tall, with a wingspan of around 52cm. 


Symmetrical Colour Painting Workshop (Communal Painting)   by Rawson aka e*magN

Symmetrical Colour Painting Workshop (Communal Painting) by Rawson aka e*magN at FIGMENT Geelong 2013 (c) Danka Dear

 Paint with an array of colours on large scale canvases that were pre-outlined with organic, geometrical and symmetrical patterns representational to shapes and forms we see in our natural environments. In the process of painting participants explored colour theory by discovering favourite colours, complementary colours and mixing colours together as well as exploring the endless possibilities of shapes and designs.


Marimba Jamboree   by MarimbaTaters

 The MarimbaTaters are a talented bunch of primary school students from Tate Street Primary School. They collaborated with Marimba Jamboree to present marimba music from near and far. Marimba Jamboree is a monthly community music event held at Tate Street Primary School and is open to folk who like to play marimba. At Figment, MarimbaTaters and Marimba Jamboree came together to celebrate community music making.


 Touch this Earth Lightly  by  Bridget Nicholson

Touch this Earth Lightly by Bridget Nicholson at FIGMENT Geelong 2013 (c) Lance Youston

The goal was to invite people to become part of the ongoing participatory art work by sitting in a chair and having their feet wrapped in clay whilst their story was recorded. The work comprised a static display of clay shoes located on the ground in a grouping which encouraged visual exploration but did not allow for people to walk through, other than in a directed way.


 Once More with Fax Machine   by Miriam, Dez and Codeacious

 'Once More with Fax Machine’ was an interactive sculpture that demonstrated the ephemeral nature of the concepts of new, community, communication and value. A sculpture of under-used or unwanted fax machines invited participants to submit messages that were printed throughout FIGMENT Geelong to share messages from the past, the now and the what. The power of distance, communication and thermal paper were experienced.


Scribbles  by Cam Glab

People were offered sharpies to write what they like on the bodies of artists. The artists were walking around and interacted with people while they documented it.


 T.I.C.L. (T-Shirt Interactive Colour Loop)  by Rhys Davies

 People were standing in circle and a wool ball travelled from person to person according to colour they wore, colours determined by colour wheel based on FIGMENT colours. People joined in any time to be part of the network.


Gladwrap Graffitti by Alison Blake & Jordan Benson

(c) 2013 by alyyblake

 Glad wrap was wrapped between two trees and were painted and drawn on.

Tittelating Tassles Peep Box by Lana Schwarcz

Tittelating Tassles Peep Box by Lana Schwarcz at FIGMENT Geelong 2013 (c) Lance Youston

No explanation sufficed for the world premiers of Ms Schwarcz’s new work at FIGMENT Geelong.


Croquet by the Geelong Eastern Park Croquet Club

Croquet @ FIGMENT Geelong 2013 (c) Emma Armstrong-Porter

Participants learned and played croquet with Geelong City’s finest.


PaperWait by City of Greater Geelong Arts and Culture Department

Paper Wait by the City of Greater Geelong Arts and Culture Department at FIGMENT Geelong 2
013 (c) Lance Youston

PaperWait was a community engagement installation with a dual purpose: an interactive sculptural installation; and a 'performative' event designed to improve the public appeal of participate in a short survey on Community attitudes to Arts & Culture in Geelong.


Interactive Hoop Play Area by HoopFusion

Hoops @ FIGMENT Geelong 2013 (c) Lance Youston

FIGMENT 2013 showcased beginner hoop workshops, interactive large hoop & roving entertainment.

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