Below you'll find an overview of answers to questions you may have about ALPHA.


Main photo ©2014 Anna Kadysheva, ALPHA

What will happen at ALPHA?

ALPHA focuses on supporting artists and interactive projects in every way we can. We expect to see creators demonstrating interactive projects in a wide variety of media and disciplines, in order to test them out and get support from other creators. We intend for everyone who comes to ALPHA to offer something to the community... a performance, a workshop, hosting a meet-up... to provide lots of opportunities for others to learn and for the community to interact and get to know each other. There is an effigy burn on the Saturday of ALPHA. Activities and events happen throughout the day and into the evening. Participants may or may not be wearing costumes.

Do I have to bring a project?

We ask that everyone who comes to ALPHA is involved in an interactive project in some way. You can be a team member or a helper, but you need to be bringing something to show or share. You can register your project (or projects) using the link that you will find in the email you receive after you purchase your tickets.

What are the accommodations like?

ALPHA takes place at Camp Ramblewood, a very well equipped campground on the Susquehanna River in Maryland. You can stay in a cabin (for an extra charge) or in your own tent. Entire cabins can be reserved on our ticketing site, or you can reserve an individual bed. If you reserve an individual bed, we will assign you to a bed wherever there is vacancy.

What does the meal plan include?

The ALPHA meal plan costs $60 and includes six meals: Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, Saturday lunch, Saturday dinner, Sunday breakfast, and Sunday lunch. The meals are served in Camp Ramblewood's dining hall, and are a great time to socialize, meet new people, and hang out together. Vegetarian options will be available at each meal. The meal plan can be purchased when you buy your tickets.

How do I register my project?

You can register your project (or projects) using the link that you will find in the email you receive after you purchase your tickets. If you are unable to find that link, please email the team: alpha (at) figmentproject (dot) org.  

How does ALPHA provide financial support for projects?

$20 of every paid admission to ALPHA will go directly to arts projects that are being presented or worked on at ALPHA. With each admission, you will receive 4 ALPHA tokens ($5 value each). These tokens may be given to creators who are showing projects at ALPHA to support the realization of their project. Creators can redeem their tokens after the event for direct financial support to finance their project and bring it to other events. The other events may include FIGMENT events, Burning Man, Coachella, or any other event you're bringing your project to.

When possible we also help participants access free or low-cost resources and connect them to each other to create car pools.  

Who can submit a project to ALPHA?

Anyone can submit a project to ALPHA! In fact, we want every person who comes to ALPHA to actively participate in creating and providing the content for ALPHA. We'd like you to bring your art project, host a workshop or meetup on a topic you know something about, or offer a performance. You can register your project (or projects) using the link that you will find in the email you receive after you purchase your tickets.

What kinds of creators are welcome at ALPHA?

Creators of all kinds are welcome at ALPHA... sculptors, social scientists, playwrights, performers, filmmakers, musicians, philosophers, designers, architects, photographers, light artists, dancers, DJs, fire artists, physicists, improvisationalists, theatre artists, environmental designers, producers, psychics, communicators, collaborators, facilitators, healers, volunteers... The only requirement is that you are working on a project that is interactive or participatory in some way, and that you're willing to step out of your comfort zone, try something new, and collaborate with others.

Do I have to be a FIGMENT artist to bring a project to ALPHA?

No! Artists are welcome who are creating work for FIGMENT events or for any other arts events or individual installations or performances.

What are the deadlines?

Key projects will be given placement on a rolling basis. If you have a large project or a project that requires specific placement or infrastructure, please submit it as soon as possible so that we can accommodate it. You can register your project (or projects) using the link that you will find in the email you receive after you purchase your tickets. All projects must be submitted by April 1st to be listed in publication and to get official placement and scheduling.

What are the installation and setup hours?

You may begin setting up your project at 12pm/noon on Friday before ALPHA, and everyone and all projects must leave by 6pm on Sunday.

Can I sell my stuff at ALPHA? Is there vending at ALPHA?

We kindly ask that you do not sell anything at ALPHA. ALPHA is a decommodified event at which nothing at all is for sale.

Is there power and water on site?

Yes. If your project requires these things, please let us know in the submission form.

Are animals allowed?

No, per our hosts rules, please don't bring any pets or animals to ALPHA.

Are children welcome at ALPHA?

Yes, ALPHA is an all ages event, and you can bring your children if you want. If you bring your child, he or she will need to have a full-price ticket to the event, and you will need to be responsible for supervising him or her at all times. Upon entering the event, you will need to sign a waiver on your child's behalf. Just as any other participant, children are expected to bring projects to ALPHA and to participate as fully as possible.

Can I bring my RV or other large vehicle to ALPHA?

Yes, but we need to know that you're coming to make sure that we have space for you. Please email us at alpha (at) figmentproject (dot) org to let us know how big your vehicle is and what you'll be using it for so we can plan a good spot for you. Please note that there are no RV hookups available at Camp Ramblewood.

What if it rains or snows?

ALPHA is a rain or shine event. There is a good amount of indoor space at Ramblewood and projects will be inside as well as outside. Please prepare for wet or cold weather.

How can I find out what will be at ALPHA?

We generally add projects to the website as they are submitted and generate a map and list of events the week of the event, but in the mean time check out the Past Events page to see what we got up to in the previous years!

What should I bring?

You should plan to bring art, and also a tent, clothes, and bedding! For other items, please see our What to Bring page!