Diverse Artist Initiative

This initiative is designed to diversify the profile of artists who participate in ALPHA by removing fiscal barriers to attendance. Inclusion is one of the 11 Principles of our parent organization FIGMENT and we are grateful for the grant from TECOVAS in 2018 which allows us to give action to this intention.


ALPHA  is an event for everyone. It is a place to experiment and learn by doing. It is a way to connect with your creativity. It is a place to work and play and find community and inspiration. Art camp for grown ups! Our strength is in our diversity. The initiative is designed to expand the reach of ALPHA to include artists and individuals who are not yet involved in the Figment, ALPHA or Burning Man communities; to invite participation from artists whose vision, passion and inquiry come from new and different places.


- To receive funding applicants must be a first time ALPHA attendee.

- Priority will be given to artists of color & artists with disabilities

- To participate in APHA and to receive funding through this initiative applicants must propose an interactive or participatory project. We encourage you to dream big! Make it large/silly/instructive/exciting/thought provoking

- Applicants must provide a realistic plan to execute their project    

- This initiative is intended to target and fund artists for whom financial need is a barrier. Although applicants will not be asked to prove fiscal need, we hope that those who wish to participate and can afford to attend will purchase a ticket Here.


Please send your proposal by April 10th to: [email protected] Please be sure your proposal includes the following:

1) A clear description of your project or workshop

2) Your plan/timeline to execute the project

3) Your Leave no Trace Plan


Use any format that makes your ideas clear. Visuals are a big help but not a requirement. Please indicate any needs you have such as transportation, electricity or assistance so we can help facilitate solutions. Proposals will be considered as they come in, so you may find it helpful to get yours in ASAP which gives you more time to plan and execute!

For questions and to apply please email us at: [email protected]


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