ALPHA Artists and Projects 2016

The Life of the Party by Calling All Parties 

"The Life of the Party" is an interactive performance party across time, including music and mood to match mod, drag fab, elegant, costume party, and the disco eras. We're going to alpha test interactive elements of this production which has been accepted to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer in Scotland. We'll be welcoming our guests by suggesting they dress in one or several of the eras above, and will be filming the party for use in projection during our piece.

Friendly Rain of Death! by Mercury John

Further experiments with non-lethal (hopefully!) flaming projectiles on human subjects. Craft and test during the day!

Wormwood Beverage Workshop by Miss Fidget

Learn the basics of how to turn the plant wormwood, specifically Artemisia absinthium into a thujone rich alcohol based beverage. Plant and drink samples will be on hand. Not for sweet sticky absinthe fans or people allergic to everything.

Simple Bulletproof Tax Prep Method by Miss Fidget

Now that you're a professional artist, how do you get your stuff ready for an accountant? A comptroller trained by German accountants once called this plug simple analog method I devised "the most beautiful thing" he'd ever seen and that it would be "bullet proof in an audit."

Lamp Camp by Meesh & Pat the Cat & Juler

Let's design and build a cool lamp from our array of scrap, pipes and wires. And you can take your brand spankin lamp home! Tools and everything will be provided. If you have something you want to turn into a lamp... Bring it!

Alpha-Remediation by Annabelle

Can puppets remediate your life?? Find out at the Alpha-Remediation Workshop series! We will be creating puppets and performances based on the twin concepts of mitigation and remediation.

Glow In The Dark Bocce Ball by Scott Nath

It's bocce ball for the hippy-trap set.

Mono-Casting and Inverse Sculpting by Quentin Davis

Mono-casting is a simple technique for producing complex caste sculptures. This totally hands-on workshop will introduce the simple technique and get you building and making immediately. We will be building miniature inverse sculptures from clay and immediately casting them in plaster. A very quick process. Making a mold is an exacting and complicated process but Mono-casting is a shortcut that allows you to make intricate sculptures with a minimum of experience.

firebuilding 101 by Quentin Davis

This is a workshop getting down to the basics- how do you start a fire and how do you build a fire up? We will collect materials and discuss how to find the best materials. Build foolproof fires that will light with just one match. And discuss how to use the basic principles of fire-building to design artful burning structures.

Tick Education Station by Katie Peek

Disease-transmitting ticks are super common in rural Maryland, and the sneaky little buggers bite for days without your feeling a thing. I'll share tips for how to do a tick check and resources to call upon should you find one lodged in your skin when you get home.

Simple Lifecasting by Sola Balisane

Learn to make a simple alginate mold of your hands, head, or torso (or all three.) We'll also cast in plaster if possible.

Electricity 101 by Electricity 101

Ever wonder what the difference is between watts and amps? Don't know how to keep from blowing a circuit? Does electricity give you The Fear? Well, it's all pretty simple and I'm happy to explain.

At 3am for 10 Minutes by Calling All Parties


Between 3:00 & 3:10am, please take a moment (or two) to howl like a wolf...if you hear howling, please respond in kind.

Mirror, Mirror^2 by Calling All Parties

It's a dance floor. It's a performance space that hides the audience. It’s for extroverts and introverts alike. It's Mirror, Mirror2. Step in and be the show.

Tetrahedron Burn by Dr. B and Team Alpha 2016

Watch a tetrahedron fire sculpture burn to the ground.

The Bob Ross Project by Bat Country

We will honor Bob by painting with Bob and being Bob as much as we can.

DIY Sensory Play for Toddlers and Trippers by Leah & the Skyote Pups at Play

Come make edible slime, rainbow water beads and glowing bubble water. Dress for mess.

Mandala Mindfulness by SuperK8

For one year I drew a mandala a day as a form of self-expression and art therapy. Join me in exploring group mandala-making as a way to participate in a calm activity that will rejuvenate your creative-spirit, give you an emotional outlet, and help you bond with others. We will collaborate with found objects to create one large mandala together, incorporating elements of design, and feeling unified to make art as one.

Henna Happiness by SuperK8


Traditionally in Indian weddings women get their hands and arms decorated in Henna. As a statement for all kinds of love, I will be teaching all genders how to use henna to make traditional Indian designs, offering examples on paper, and tubes of henna for participants to experiment with on themselves and each other as an expression of the many types of love stretching from love for other humans to a deeper, more intimate love.

Venus of Bergdorf by Jana/Glitch

Primal glowing entity, love child of the Department Store and the Department of Natural Resources. Good for doodling and those who enjoy lasers.

Alpha Mail by Heidi K

Be the best you… perfect the Alpha You.

Do the voices in your head often say “I should have packed more sparkley ____ , I want to make this crazy art thing that will ____ , I should have invited my weirdo friend ____ , I should learn to _____, why am I here?”
A special Alpha Mail agent will interview you and ask ridiculous eye-opening questions. Your interview will be mailed back to you in 2017 reminding you to be the Alpha You.

Glue googly eyes to seashells and corks (maybe also rocks and sticks) by Audrey

What it says in the title. Mouths optional. We may also discuss what makes a face, a face.
Feel free to bring your own items that need googly eyes, or forage for items at ALPHA!

Networking 101: How to meet the people who will help you make it happen by Audrey

Ever wonder how some people always seems to have the connections to get the best job leads, project opportunities and inside information? Learn how to ask your friends to introduce you to their friends: the people who can help make it happen.

Featuring a little bit of 1970s sociological theory and a lot of real-world practice: email templates/ etiquette, example questions and conversation starters, and a strategy for this whole networking thing - applied to your goals.

FORM & FIREPIT: The Third Annual Master Class and Atelier in Composition for Conflagrative Material Abatement. Presented by the Timothy Corbett & John Bargiel Fellowship for Applied Combustion Aesthetics by Corbett/Bargiel Fellowship & Assembled Faculty

It's a fire building class as you would imagine freshman figure drawing. Each student is responsible for their own composition. Instructors facilitate and empower students to execute their ideas. On an as-needed basis, instructors may gently relate salient facts about fire building, but the goal is for the students to explore, make mistakes, and hone intuition.

Funbrellas by Calling All Parties

In the epic quest for a weatherproof project to take the streets of Scotland, we bring you “Funbrellas.” Step under one of the Funbrellas and have a unique one on one interactive experience.

The Alpha Shrine by Calling All Parties

A shrine to the creativity, collaboration, and cheap thrills of 2016 — leave your offering. Activity culminates in a communal ritual cleansing ceremony - bring appropriate supplies.

Non Linear - a cutting edge poetry, animated music video of scientific imagery by Linear Imaging, Hugo The Poet, Dave Abbott and Sk'p

An epic journey from the micro to the macro cosmos, combining the talents of a hand picked group of international artists. The aim of the project is to cross pollinate the magic of science with multimedia art.
A collaborative video production by Linear Imaging (SE/AU).
Scientific imagery by Linnea Rundgren. Spoken word by Hugo The Poet (UK/AU). Animations by Dave Abbott (AU). Music by Sk'p (BE).

Drunk Legal Advice* by Aaron, Liam, and Carly

Aaron, Liam, and Carly will answer all the legal questions you were too afraid (or couldn't afford) to ask a lawyer before!

Aaron advises clients on how to get into and out of trouble with technology. Does your art project involve appropriating the art of better, more famous artists? He will be dispensing slurred, ill-considered advice on intellectual property law. Does your art involve hacking the mainframe? He defends people charged with federal computer hacking crimes and will tell you what to expect when the FBI comes to your house and takes your XBOX.

Liam has sued (and defended) all sorts of clients, from shady international banks to shady eBay scammers. He knows a very small amount about a lot of different law, which makes him uniquely qualified to get drunk and not give you legal advice. Have a great idea for an (allegedly) illegal business? He can tell you how you'll get caught. Ever wonder why you can go to jail for shoplifting, but not financial fraud that undermines the entire economy? He can tell you, but you're not going to like it.

Carly advises nonprofit organizations and social enterprises on a variety of issues. Are you interested in setting up a nonprofit organization so you can take tax-deductible donations for your art project? She'll explain why that's a terrible idea! Thinking about setting up a socially responsible company, and want to understand the difference between a benefit corporation and b corporation? She can explain it, but it won't be any clearer when she's done. Wanna talk about disregarded entities? Okay, we can talk about disregarded entities.

If you come to our panel, please remember that we are not your lawyers, and we are not sober. We hope you won't be either.

*Not legal advice

Lichtenberg Wood Burning by Liam Barber

With a little persuasion, and a lot of voltage, we'll burn slow motion lightning bolts across a wooden surface. Come see us carve fractal-like Lichtenberg patterns and find out how it works. Have a piece of wood that really needs a lightning bolt on it? We'll zap it with 9000 volts and see what happens.

Outer Space Cinema by The Astronaut

The Astronaut invites you to join them for intimate screenings of actual historic space films. Since seating is extremely limited there will be multiple shows.

Your Terrifying Makeover by Elizabeth C.

Attending an evening soiree? Searching for a terrifying new look? Come get an upsetting makeover, guaranteed to make others uncomfortable. I will fix your face, or destroy it, or both. I'll provide makeup or you can bring your own. Bring inspirational images, or don't. I won't use them anyway.

Breath of Sea 海的氣息 by Suie from HK

Do you believe that the connection of sea will be inherited?
"Breath of Sea" is a sharing perofmance/arts project of a Hong Kong girl from a fishing family. To explore, to recover and to recall the memory of sea from every drop of blood by inherited.

Public Service: Alpha Mail by George

Delivery of correspondence and parcels of reasonable size to the various attendees of Alpha.

Space Station Prog by Image Node

Space Station Prog V is a fully armed and operational psychedelic battle station

Lego Block City by Benjamn Jones

Lego Block City creates a blank canvas for participants to create the world they want to through Lego. Come build and play with us.

Hungry Hungry Hippies by George I. & Jenna H.

Like Hungry Hungry Hippos, but with human-driven hippies* instead. Hippy accouterments will be provided, but more awesome is always welcome.

DIY Escape The Room: Make It or Do It! by CJ Brigade & YOU!

Let's create our own Escape the Room-esque experience! Learn about best strategies & concepts, then help put together puzzles & clues that we'll test run later in the weekend. Seeking both collaborative makers & experience-goers!

Steel flowers by Melanie

I am a newbie welder and I've recently been inspired to make soft looking things out of steel, so I want to work on making steel flowers out of steel. 

Mercury 101 by Albert Wilking

Mercury 101 explains the history, science, sources, symptoms and solutions to mercury poisoning in a fun, easy to understand, sometimes scary, but always educational format. Learn how mercury can affect your life, your daily activities, and how we sometimes live our lives with an addictive attachment mercury poisoning.

come have a balm by the balm

I hand you balm you add your essence and together we'll all have a balm 

Heart Beat by DC's Daz & Eric 

All cultures make music.
All music began with the heart beat.
Listen to your heart.
Make your own beat, at this four-sided music-generating machine. 

Giant Panda Hug Workshop by Daniela 

What do pandas do? The giggle and roll down the hill. In this workshop we will explore the finer points of this critical survival technique. Costumes optional. 

Selfagy by Ourselves

Join Johnny B in a reflection on the construction and destruction of self. Bring old clothes/treasures to make a representation of yourself (like a scarecrow) and join others as we burn a crowd of metaphorical people to the ground. (This is not a temple burn, reverence is optional and individual). Self effigies only though how you choose to represent yourself is up to you.  

B and Billy's Boom Boom by Johnny B and Capt. Laserpants

We will experiment with creating giant fireballs using flammable powders like sawdust.

Blender drink and yaght rock happy hour by Johnny B and Daniela, music by DJ Tim not the Enchanter

Come and join us as we play with making blended drinks and listen to smooth rock music. Bring your own cup. 

Which came first, the fire or the egg? by Timothy Corbett & John Bargiel Fellowship for Applied Combustion Aesthetics

An interesting fire sculpture will be built, beheld, and burned.

Provocation 2.0 - a Game Show! by David Koren 

Provocation is a new game show, piloted for the first time at ALPHA 2015, that rewards contestants for being obnoxious. Compete for prizes! Insult your friends!

A Story about Spiders by David Koren

I've written a book about FIGMENT, and it comes out soon! Join me for a reading of the chapter of the book about ALPHA: "The Alpha Test (failure is not an option; it’s a requirement)." Learn what the spider means!

The Book of FIGMENT by David Koren

The book is done! And it comes out soon! Be among the first to find out what the heck is in the Book of FIGMENT, how and why Dave wrote it, and when it's coming out! Your name is probably in this book, and this is your chance to make sure!

The Future of Culture - a brainstorm! by David Koren

The culture industry is in trouble. The waves of disruption that have been affecting literature and music for years are now impacting live events and museums. What is the future of culture? What kinds of interventions can we imagine creating to engage audiences and get them off their screens? (credit to Evan Cairo for robot art)

"How to Plan Earth" Thought Experiment by sly

If it were up to you and you alone, how would YOU plan Earth? If we could start over, from scratch, repopulating this or another dewey planet, what would life look like? In this world, there’s not much choice: cities and entire civilizations were built by accident, over time, piling garbage on top of mistakes on top of short-sightedness. But what if we had all the time, resources, and forethought to do things right? What does “right” look like? How is society set up? Who governs? How do relationships and family work? Where do we live and what do we eat? Are there hot tubs there? These are the questions we could answer today that could help us thrive in a parallel tomorrow.

Help build big art!? by Dr. B

I going bigger and better this year and I need help to do it. Meet down by the pond and experience the joy of building something big with friends! We will be using drills, ladders and other fun tools! 

Hot Tub by The Tim Committee Sub Committee on HydroThermoDynamics

It's April. It's going to be cold. I'm bringing my new and improved hot tub for everyones good times.

Change and Learning Agility by Rae Klein, FIGMENT Treasurer

A discussion, beginning with some questions for the participants to answer individually, about embracing the challenges that change presents with an open mind and how to learn from these challenges in order to enhance your career, projects, or satisfaction.

the Slo-Mo Zone by artnofood aka:rob

slow down in the slow mo zone where everyone must move through in slow-motion. 'nuff said.



Also - enjoy this video of the 2015 Alphagy!





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