ALPHA Artists and Projects 2017

Suspended Fire by Quentin

Watch a small fire suspended over a leaf blower. This is a slow burn, for a long sit and watch. 


A Simple Task by Patrick (Pat the Cat) Patterson, Michael (Meesh)Petrov, Rob (Zilla) Kinzlemann

"A Simple Task:
An ode to the way we over complicate our lives."

A Rube Goldberg styled machine, made from wood and card board primarily, that incorporates fire, gravity, and different fuels to accomplish lighting itself on fire, representing the ways we all over complicate our lives and celebrating the burning away of these routines.


Indifferent Children of the Earth: Hamlet Redux by Sheila Garson

Indifferent Children of the Earth uses live music and hallucinogenic lights & sound to reinvent Shakespeare's masterpiece of Hamlet as a family drama about mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse and Hipster ennui. 


Pyrotechnic Lightning Bolts (Workshop) by James Gavin Heck & Jamie Coyne

How to make pyrotechnic lightning bolts (for the effigy).


"Our Constitution" A Discussion of Chicken John's New Book by David Koren

"Our Constitution": In Chicken John's new book "The Book of the Un," he makes the proposal that our alternative arts events should each begin to create their own Constitutions... not just "principles" or "rules," but real contracts/agreements/understandings of what it means to be a participant or citizen, what is expected of each person, and what they receive in turn from the group, the event, the society, the collective. In this project, we'll discuss the concept together and see if we agree on founding principles or a framework or a structure or a starting line for what an "ALPHA Constitution" would look like. The idea is that, if each event can create its own Constitution, that we can trade them, learn from each other, and eventually develop a common understanding of what it means to be a participant or citizen in these societies that we are each a member of. 


You Be the Curator by Cynthia "Cooky" Jones

Do you hate museums? Do you love museums? I'm on a mission to make museums a 1000 times more fabulous, interesting and interactive. Perhaps even revolutionary. Come brainstorm wild and crazy AR/VR opportunities to tell stories in new ways. Suggest playful experiments to make STEM concepts come to life. Try a 'connect 3' artifact experience to tell your own story about historic objects. 


The Positivity Project by Smash 

Do our thoughts and words really matter? Can we change the world around us simply by setting a deliberate intention? Based on The Rice Experiment by Japanese researcher Dr. Emoto, we set out to discover the power of positive—and negative—thinking. Active participation needed!


redgreenblue by Shane King

electro-ambient music performance.


TOADette Chariot by Lolly Connell 

Working on the TOADette Chariot.


Water Fountain by Melanie Armer-Muehleck

I've made a fountain that has fire floating on top of the water in the bowls as the water splashes from one bowl down to the next. Or rather it will. I need some help with the propane and the pump. Project is "in process", it might be done before I come or I might need help. Welding gear, tools and gak will be available. EDIT no fire, only delightful peaceful water. 


Total Destruction Monsters by Noy 

Come don a onesie, become a monster and battle/work with other masters to destroy the city! Onesies will be provided but you are welcome to bring your own. 


Cabin Fever Theater & Cabaret by Sheila Garson

Cabin Fever Theater and Cabaret will transform Cabin 1 into a quality black box theater and cabaret space for artists of any medium to enjoy as their backdrop: theater, play reading, spoken word, DJing, live band/music, dance, stand up comedy, lecture series, workshops, etc.


Make a "Stinky" by Deborah

Come make a "Stinky" to keep you company at Alpha. A "Stinky" is a pom pom with personality- pipe cleaners, googly eyes, a leash for walking around.   


Ginger Root by MegO

A large interactive ginger root. 


March for Science, sign making and caravan by Mina

Make signs for the March for Science.


The Paintulem by Miss Fidget 

A pendulum that disperses paint onto paper and surfaces. In addition to paint, sand for making pretty mandalas, chocolate sauce or who knows what may be provided. Got anything you want paintulemed or choco-sauce-u-lemed? Bring it.


Subversive Stationery by Miss Fidget 

Use some of Miss Fidget's subversive rubber stamps to create your own stationery. A curated range of professional envelopes, letter size paper, rubber stamps, ink pads, and simple drafting tools will be provided for thoughtful use. Included will be stamps retired for causing too many "inspections." Class size limited to 4 at a time, but peeps can rotate in and out.


Bleach Dyeing by Noy

Bring your own clothes or I will have some scraps. Make fun designs in different ways with bleach on your clothes. No worries, safety gear will be provided! 


Stealth Van Lounge by Gwendolyn Ellman

We are building a chill area with decorated mattresses, pillows, fuzzy blankets, tables, fountains and blow up furniture under a decorated popup tent complete with sound and lights. The theme is inspired by the Toad art car and the Stealth Van. 


Healing with Fire: Chinese Medicine Art of Moxibustion (Workshop) by Rez

Learn and experience the Chinese Medicine art of moxibustion, a form of heat therapy using the plant mugwort. This ancient healing technique helps relieve tension and nourishes the body. It is used for a multitude of acute and chronic issues such as pain, longevity, immunity, digestive, fertility issues and more. In this hands-on workshop, you will safely learn what it is, the uses, and how to administer it to yourself and others. *Wear loose fitting clothing so you can get to your knees.


Something Fabulous by T-Bone

Wait and see.


Hot Tub by Dr. B

The famous hot tub, this year brought to us by Dr.B. 


Into your Soul: An immersive sojourn by There's Gotta Be Something Out There

When people say they are soul searching, what do they mean? What the hell are they looking for? And where? Where they left it last? In the fridge? There's Gotta Be Something Out There are bringing a number of opportunities to ALPHA to help you explore what and how your soul is doing, and where it may be. We seek to define and assist your soul search—so you can open yourself up to the point where your soul can disclose where it is, what it is, and what it needs, or doesn't need. Into your Soul: An immersive sojourn lifts the veils that mask the true inner reality of your soul in a series of multi-experiential art, performance, and interactive creations, such as: Window to your soul. An art installation to encourage unexpected introspection.

Friday evening Mansplaining your soul. People tell each other what the soul is and/or needs, with as little actual knowledge on the subject as possible. This is a roaming event. Follow the large penis. Drink the Koolaid. You may, at any time, ghost the mansplainer. Put a sheet over their head.

Saturday AM near the kitchen Shabbous Saturday Morning "Bloody Mary pray for my Soul"—a holy cleanse for the soul, over breakfast! Saturday mid morning Try walkin in MY soul. Spend 20 minutes living with and contemplating someone else's soul—by walking in their shoes, and reporting back what you find. Discover the blind spots of your soul.

Saturday afternoon breakout sessions: Decorate your soul. When you beautify your outward, your soul will take notice and, conceivably, adjust to live up to its shiny new exterior. Battle for your soul. Step into the soul tug-of-war arena. One side will attempt to pull your soul to the dark side; the other will pull you to the light. Whose side are you really on? Glory hole into your soul: a covered meditation. Strip away the bed sheets of your life and find your soul (and/or your Place of Shame). Sing into your soul. Find the words you feel describe your soul. We will turn them into song. Kelly Anne Conway into your soul. Explore the alternate realities of what could have been, might have been, and what might still happen, if you are lucky enough to unburden your soul.

Saturday Evening pre effigy: Shout Out your soul. A guided primal scream. Let your true soul shout out into a brown paper bag. Seal it. Write your name on it. Burn it with or in the Alphagy on Saturday night, and set it free. Lastly, some of these projects will happen—when and where your soul needs them most. We are daring to fail.


Story Scroll - a two part story creation Annabelle Meunier

Create a story, draw it. Then, join in as we act them out. 


Why We Do It by Rich Orloff / Flash

Why We Do It - a guided conversation exploring why we do it, what challenges we face doing it, what we'd like to do, and how we can support others doing it. I imagine this workshop lasting about an hour.


Mouse/Rat Taxidermy (Workshop) by Anna Russian Spy

Mouse/rat taxidermy workshop.


Alphagy Mouseness by Carol  

Alphagy Mouseness: pagentry/perfomance during the lead-up to the Alphagy burn.


Poetry Puzzle by Marah Fellicce 

it's magnetic poetry meets tinkertoys - without magnets - or the nostalgia - ok, it's nothing like that - and yet the best compound description for an opportunity to create your own structures and play with words.


Foraging by Gwendoline 

Foraging with Gwendoline. 


The Tensegrity Lab by Josh

We will provide you with the ideas, skills, and material for building tensegrities. Tensegrities are geometric structures where no beams touch each other, and are just suspended by springy cables. We'll use natural beams with fabricated cables. I'll bring along some bigger beams for making a mega tensegrity structure too!