ALPHA Artists and Projects 2014

See below for the submitted projects/workshops/talks that came to ALPHA 2014!

The Future of the Arts 

a conversation with David Koren

We’ve reached a tipping point for the arts in America… The combination of the centralization of wealth, the high cost of real estate, the speed of development and gentrification, and the increasing competition for audience attention are challenging conventional arts organizations in our cities. Many have closed. Others have transformed themselves to be more “commercial” as a survival tactic. Where do we go next? How can we work to build a more creative and expressive society? Should we all just move to Detroit?

Blood of the B: Wine tasting and story time with International Man of Leisure™ Johnny B and his lovely assistant, Halley B
Creators: Johnny B, Halley, and friends

Please come and enjoy the literal and figurative fruits of my labor. Recently I transported my library of wine from my years as a winemaker in California which we will enjoy while perhaps gaining some insight into the “art” of wine tasting and the practice of wine drinking. JB_wine Miss Fidget’s Marvelous Miniature

Museum Creator: Miss Fidget

Ever wish you could visit a museum and appreciate fine art while seated right where you are? This is a portable, weather resistant, presentation of curated creations. Since the museum has just opened proposals for capital improvements are welcome. photo

The Toll Booth Creator: Heidi

The Toll Booth is a manned booth similar to a toll booth in the real world. Sitting inside is a Toll Collector waiting for you to show your talent before allowing you to pass. TollBooth_FigmentPHL1

Hats Against Humanity Happy Hour Creators: Jason and Brook

A bastardized version of everyone's favorite parlor game. Bring a cup, put on one of our cheap-ass neon plastic hats with one of the "black cards" attached to it, and start offending strangers. We'll provide the hats, booze and cards (logo-free!), you provide the appalling lack of decency. aiCXhNl

Art from Trash: 1 gallon plastic water jugs HDPE Creator: Quentin Davis

Participants will build translucent objects from discarded water bottles. We will use common tools and simple techniques for cutting and reassembling the translucent plastic into light sculptures, masks, hats or something else from your imagination. I will provide tools and guidance, instructions on connecting plastic sheets and if there is interest, tips on soldering LED's. IMG_3587-2 

Psychic Nails Creator: Calling All Parties

Our roving psychics will divine the future in your manicure Psychic Nails Alpha 2013-2

ALPHA Sparkler Crafting Creators: Again, Again!

We're going to experiment with different sparkler mixtures and shapes to create different textures and colors of sparklers. We'll use a dry mixture to create Senko Hanabi Sparklers and a wet mixture to coat surfaces and wires. We'll have other simple flaming, floating, sparkling party tricks, too. Senko-Hanabi-Sparkler-04

Piñata Surprise! Creator: Again, Again!

Interactive art with fire, water and surprises. Play & experiment with us! maxresdefault

Voodoo Doll Creator: Pirate Fiesta

We all have inner triggers that hinder us from being present in the moment. Whether these come from past or current experiences or karma, it can hinder us from living our lives to the fullest. The Pirate Fiesta will help you bring your inner voodoo doll out into the light. PF Card Voodoo Dolly

Bristles Creators: Starpony Labs

In preparation for attending Nowhere, I'd like to call on this community of creators to help imagine a desert-ready art project which can be built with inexpensive, readily available materials acquirable anywhere…come play during the day…we will light it up at night! 463631_642944009050465_1029245432_o

Form and Firepit: Inaugural Master Class and Atelier in Composition for Conflagrative Material Abatement Creators: Timothy Corbett & John Bargiel Fellowship for Applied Combustion Aesthetics

A class in fire building focused on the aesthetic and creative potential of the activity. The structure will mimic a freshman drawing class. The workshop will culminate in a simultaneous burn tantamount to a group exhibition. IMG_3614

Spin a Yarn Creator: Preet

Using colorful yarn as your paintbrush, interact with the awesome gate volunteers and your fellow attendees while you check in for the weekend. Tell us a story, paint a picture, or just say hello on this collaborative piece.

5 Minute Project and other exercises to enhance creativity, engagement, and collaboration Creator: Calling All Parties

Performing exercises with unsuspecting collaborators through the day

Crochet Ghost Cougar Creator: Elizabeth Lieb

Come join in the yarn work as I crochet a life size cougar skeleton. And/Or…make some tooth or claw casts to take home with you.

UnReal Estate Creator: Kurt Opprecht, Black Rock City UnReal Estate Agency

What are you looking for? A new creative space? A chill-out venue? A temple, or perhaps your own private island? We have an infinity of unreal properties available. Speak with one of our agents, close your eyes, and let us show you some unreal properties that will surpass your wildest dreams. (Financing is available with a zero dollar down payment and zero percent interest forever.)

The Hot Tub Creator: Tim Schumacher

Enjoy the Hot Tub all weekend….and if you like, learn how to build a temporary one yourself.

Till Death Do USB Part – Pending App Approval Creator: Elliott

Enjoy a futuristic wedding reception where you and your partner enjoy a rousing "Best Man" speech, chock full of customized details and targeted ads based on your search history!

Poubelle Déesse de la Mer Creators: Violet, Renee, and Kip

A mermaid frame that you can put recyclable materials on to complete. Bring your bottles, cans etc. to us.

Space Station Prog V: BDFMN Creators: Twin A and FutureBen

A big ass inflatable space bubble filled with blinky stuff and spaaaaaace music!

No Monkey Buttons Creators: Joshua Goldberg and Walt Smith

We will be using a three projector setup to do site-specific video mapping with generative art software. Kinects and cameras will be used as sensors, as well as optional iOS controls.

“Star Party” Creators: Peek & Co.

Star watching! Participants will gather to observe the heavens with guidance from professional astronomers. We'll give you some context for what you are looking at, and field any questions you have about the cosmos

At 3am for 10 minutes Creator: Calling All Parties

Between 3:00 & 3:10am, please take a moment (or two) to howl like a wolf…if you hear howling, please respond in kind.

Stitch and Bitch Creator: Smalls

Join smalls on her gate shift for some sewing and complaining. Or maybe we'll just drink coffee and baileys and knit. All Fiber Arts are welcome; potholder loom to share.

Quiet Writing Time Creator: Anna Schumacher

On a deadline? Need to write something? Join us as we plug away at the various writing projects that are eating our lives in an environment of tranquil camaraderie. This is not a workshop or critique session. We will not share our work. This is just us trying to get the words out and meet our deadlines. BYO laptop.

Effigy Firework Wiring Meetup Creators: Geva Patz

Work together to wire fireworks into our ALPHA effigy! No previous experience needed. Pas de Deux Creator: Kat Green A short fire dance adaptation of the ballet, “La Sylphide” as a short film. Actors/audience welcome!

Wind Beam Creator: Cj

A very bright 2k Mole Richardson light points to the sky. Suspended above a reflective assemblage that casts light across the field. This will change dramatically in any weather, or as people move and interact with the hanging, swinging, pendulum of illuminated interference.

Entertaining with a Twist Creators: Marilyn Simmonds-Cole & Alexis Cole

A mother-daughter duo will be demonstrating simple balloon twisting designs for all those who want to watch or participate. Learn to twist a hat, sword, flower...maybe even an octopus!

Engaging Participation Creator: Calling All Parties

Interactive Workshop on engaging strangers and all those involved in your art project.

Delusional taxonomy nature walk Creator: Aaron Williamson, certified* botanist**

Are there exotic and possibly UNBELIEVABLY POWERFUL plant species growing in and around Camp Ramblewood? Can anyone ever *really* know what a plant is called or what its properties are? We'll explore the Ramblewood wilds, naming, sketching, and describing the many fantastic and, as far as we know, undiscovered plant species native to the area.

Participation the Game Creator: Gobo

Participation game is a collaborative project to create games/ideas to bring the principles to life. During Alpha, it is intended to be a team building event/games to brain storm and play out/practice the ideas based upon the 11 principles.