What to Bring to ALPHA


ALPHA is a weekend-long camping trip focused on art and creativity at a well-apportioned campground. Please remember to bring anything that you might need with you.

There is nothing for sale at ALPHA, and no stores particularly close by to Camp Ramblewood.

Bring your own:

  • ART PROJECTS - Everyone who participates in ALPHA is expected to bring an art project you're working on, or host a workshop, or offer a performance, etc. You can register your project via the link you will receive after you purchase your tickets.
  • Beverages
  • Food (if you are not purchasing the camp's meal plan)
  • Tent (if you are not reserving a spot in one of the cabins)
  • Headlamp/Flashlight
  • Warm bedding (sleeping bag or sheets and blankets)
  • Rain gear
  • Clothing (Layers for warm and cool temperatures)
  • Waterproof boots
  • Sun protection 
  • Toys
  • Necessary Medications
  • Personal First Aid Kit


Everyone who participates in ALPHA is expected to find a way to share and offer your knowledge and perspective, in the form of bringing art, hosting a workshop or meet-up for participants with a specific interest. Register your workshop, meet-up, performance, demonstration, or installation following the link in the email that you will receive after your purchase your tickets. You may register as many projects, performances, workshops (or any combination) as you like.  

Main photo ©2013 Kate Friedman, ALPHA.