What is ALPHA?

ALPHA is an event for everyone who creates. ALPHA is a place to experiment and try new things... a place to launch new projects, to collaborate, to improve and refine existing projects, to dive in and create something new and unexpected, to reinvent yourself completely as an creator.

The intention of ALPHA is to provide support for creators who are working on interactive or participatory projects in any medium or discipline. This support may be in the form of skills development, help and advice from other creators, collaboration and team-building, or even limited financial support.

With ALPHA, we create a space without limits for a group to gather together, providing a basic structure for them to interact and collaborate.  

Creators of all kinds are welcome at ALPHA... we've been joined by sculptors, social scientists, playwrights, performers, filmmakers, musicians, philosophers, designers, architects, photographers, light artists, dancers, DJs, fire artists, biologists, improvisationalists, theatre artists, environmental designers, producers, psychics, communicators, collaborators, facilitators, healers, volunteers... The only requirement is that you are working on a project that is interactive or participatory in some way, and that you're willing to step out of your comfort zone, try something new, and collaborate with others.

We especially invite artists working on projects for other FIGMENT events to attend.  In 2014, a piece of the pavilion for NYC Summer Long was created on site by the architects, their team and our attendees.  

Everyone who participates in ALPHA is expected bring art projects in development with them to the event. We encourage as much experimentation as possible! We also expect participants to share and offer their knowledge and perspective to the group, in the form of hosting a workshop, a meet-up for participants with a specific interest or simply open hours where you will work on your project and invite assistance. You can register as many projects or events as you would like. You can register your workshop, meet-up, performance, demonstration, or installation by following the link in the email you will receive after your purchase your tickets.

"Killing Time" by Benjamin Jones. Photo by Krystal Henriques.