Geelong 2014

2 Fast 2 Figment by Sarah Rowe at Figment Geelong 2014

Photo by Valentina Arango

Everybody had the chance to create and decorate their very own cardboard box race car. The car's were then raced around the park, notably the eventful adults race.


Abstract Feather Painting by Emma McLoughlin at Figment Geelong 2014

Photo by Valentina Arango

3 large cavases were covered in colourful paint and feathers. This was an abstract, free and loose activity that was great for creatives of all ages. There was also an opportunity to paint on your own smaller canvas to take home with you.

Collaborative Painting by Matthew Barnett at Figment Geelong 2014

Photo by Valentina Arango

A collaborative painting that celebrated the Figment Geelong project was created. Matthew brought an easel, paper and some paint. He bagan paintings, then invited the festival patrons to contribute and add to the paintings.


Fusing Arts within the HOOP by Tarnya Gillies at Figment Geelong 2014

Photo by Melissa Smith

A Hooping lot of fun was had by all with hooping workshops and inclusive performances.


Genghis Open Air by Robert Barry at Figment Geelong 2014


Genghis can't swim delighted us with an open improvised music session, followed by a performance.


Grand Doodle Auto by Sarah Rowe at Figment Geelong 2014

Photo by Miriam Fathalla

Grand doodle auto consisted of a car...painted in chalkboard paint. Participants were then invited to doodle their way over the entire car, turning it into a collaborative work of art.


Homemade Dolls and Furniture by Juanita Walker at Figment Geelong 2014

Photo by Miriam Fathalla


Juanita hand makes clothes and furniture for her dolls to star in doll video's. She teaches the excitement of creating instead of purchasing.


Landscapes by Nenad Ignjatov at Figment Geelong 2014

Photo by Miriam Fathalla


These amazing landscapes were created by recycling natural materials and found objects and incorporating them into the process of painting. The landscape paintings were made on the ground using mixed media materials such as polyurethane foam, leaves, branches, pieces of bark and paint.


Leather art by Aram Omara at Figment Geelong 2014

Photo by Valentina Arango


This project taught members participants basic leathercraft stamping techniques . Participants designed and created their own leather art in the form of a key tag or school bag tag.


LEDtree by Rohan Mitchell at Figment Geelong 2014

 Photo by Whitney

LEDtree was an interactive light sculpture, exploring the interplay between nature and technology. Forged of 750 LEDs, five proximity sensors and installed on one tree, its nighttime allure invited participants to discover how their presence can influence the display.


Life drawing in the park by Janne Kearney at Figment Geelong 2014

 Photo by Karyn Tirrell

Janne Kearney invited the public to come and try drawing the human figure in the park. Easels, paper and charcoal were provided and participants drew amazingly costumed models in the beautiful surrounds of Johnstone Park.


Lino Inc. by Ruby at Figment Geelong 2014

 Photo by Miriam Fathalla

Lino inc is a community art project. On the day a reused piece of linolum salvaged from a local house was used to involve participants to create a mural. Participants drew images onto the linoleum with permenant texta and then acquired new skills in lino carving to help create a “Lino Plate”. This project encouraged recycling and DIY philosophies that participants were able to take home.


Lyndzo’s Lady Lumps by Lyndsey Rippon  at Figment Geelong 2014

 Photo by Miriam Fathalla

Using my skills as a decorator and years of hospitality experience, Lydsey hosted a cupcake decorating area, where people were able to come along and participate through designing there own cupcakes, delicious, delicious cupcakes.


Paint Splatter by Sam Thomson at Figment Geelong 2014

 Photo by Miriam Fathalla

A tub with lots of water balloons filled with paint were thrown by the public at a large canvas to create a unique work of art. It was not only super fun, but therapeutic too.


Peter G. Pereira’s Trees of Life Sculpture by Peter Pereira at Figment Geelong 2014

Photo by Miriam Fathalla 

Thee Trees of Life Installation Series was one with a difference in that the installation was directed via Skype from New York as a Unique Event Wrapping of The Selected Trees of Life with the help of a few our Figment Australian Volunteers!


Pimp my Pooch by Sarah Rowe at Figment Geelong 2014

 Photo by Miriam Fathalla

Sarah dreams of a dog parade, it was made a reality with the conception of 'Pimp my Pooch'. Pooches were pimped in outfits and costumes prepared on the day and paraded around the park like supermodels.


Projection by Ayco Wepster at Figment Geelong 2014

Projected visuals set to music as well as interactive dancing.



Arch of Love by Derek Herni at Figment Geelong 2014

Photo by Miriam Fathalla 

The famed Arch of Love from the Meredith Supernatural Ampitheatre encouraged public displays of affection, with participants invited to hold hands, hug or even kiss under the arch.


Tea House by Ben Neoh at Figment Geelong 2014


Photo by Miriam Fathalla


A table setting installation under the Johnstone Park tower area for the public to interact with as though they were invited for a tea party. This will be a place to experience locally hand blended loose leaf tea in a unique community setting. This installation aims to create discussion and encourage the act of sharing.


The Dragon of Healing and Compassion by Rebecca Taylor at Figment Geelong 2014


The Dragon of Healing and Compassion was a response to the Australian political climate of the time. The Dragon journeyed around Australia collecting people's messages of Healing and Compassion. The Dragon is a long puppet that can be moved around the site or stand still.


The Geome Tree by Paul Walker at Figment Geelong 2014


Photo by Miriam Fathalla


This project illustrated the Beauty of Mathematics. Classical geometric shapes from nature called the Archimedian Solids were conceived as seeds that grow into star shaped flowers or fruits, all hung in a tree. Sculptures were made of light materials such as cardboard and foam board.


The Red Tepee by Michelle Buggy at Figment Geelong 2014


Photo by Miriam Fathalla


The Red Tepee was an 18 foot Red Tepee that represented the Universal womb. Inside you participants were invited to view the artwork of 87 women's work who had represented their 'relationship with their womb' as their feminine experience. The art work was sewn together in the inner sanctum of the Red Tepee to create an experiential experience for the viewers to enter and experience as the many different representations of the artists from the ages of 13 - 73 years of age.


Turtle Making Contest by Tom Burstow at Figment Geelong 2014


Photo by Miriam Fathalla


Participants were invited to create their own origami turtles and fill them with their own experiences, problems and burdens.


Chinese whispers by Lance Youston at Figment Geelong 2014


Photo by Melissa Smith

Chinese whispers art style. The first participant took a photo and passed to next participant who wrote a Haiku and passed to the next. They created sound then passed to the next person who drew it. INDUSTRIAL ART.


Warholing FIGMENT Gravestone Experience by Lance Youston at Figment Geelong 2014


Photo by Miriam Fathalla


Inspired by Andy Warhol and his comment that he would like 'figment'on his gravestone. People were invited to consider what their epitaph will be for their life, what do they wish to be remembered for what words could describe a life. An experiential process involving some coffin contemplation time and a public display of participants musings or thoughts.


Wonderluxe by Courtney Saville at Figment Geelong 2014


Wonderluxe was an art and music extravaganza bringing together local and international artists and musicians to inspire and admire. Two Indonesian street artists came to Geelong to take part in the project which was made up of a number of small scale parties and a BIG event on 22 March at Brougham st markets. 


Sheila at Figment Geelong 2014


Photo by Miriam Fathalla



Mural by Mike McLean at Figment Geelong 2014


Mike McLean dazzled us with an interactive mural.



Fire Performance at Figment Geelong 2014


Photo by Whitney


Fire artists performing with fire hoop, fire poi and fire staff.



Tree of Hang Ups Ceremony at Figment Geelong 2014 


Photo by Melissa Smith


The burning of FIGMENT 2013 project "Tree of Hang ups". This project was an opportunity for people to write their hang-ups on small plywood leaves, which were then placed on the tree and left behind. The final phase of this project was a ceremonial burning of everyone's hang ups.


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