What's the difference between spectators and participants?

People who come to FIGMENT are not 'attendees,' 'visitors,' or 'spectators;' but they are participants. In every possible way, we try to emphasize that people should not expect to sit back and be entertained. In our society, we have largely created a culture of spectatorship wherein people are often more comfortable watching than doing or creating. It is often noted that this culture hinders the development of creativity in our youth, and it also limits the building of strong communities.
FIGMENT’s focus is on:

  • Art that is created by a community working in collaboration
  • Art that is created or enhanced by the input of its audience, or
  • Art that must be directly engaged with in order to be appreciated.

FIGMENT intends for everyone who comes to the event to be a participant: FIGMENT itself can be seen as one large collaborative art project.
Participants are all expected to bring something to share—but it doesn't matter if they bring a large-scale sculpture or an open mind. Here, no one is a spectator. We are all connected, and we are all creators.