Why do we make FIGMENT happen? Why do people come? Why do artists join?

Above all else, the answer is that it is FUN. Here are a few other motivations:

  • Opportunities for emerging artists to show their work, build community among different artists/types of artists
  • Access to the arts for everyone, with no costs or stigma about going into museums
  • Participation, building an expectation that people should not be spectators, should not wait around to be entertained
  • Build community among urban residents
  • A place for young families to go, and opportunities for children
  • New uses for underutilized public (or private) space (depending on your city and circumstances)
  • Create a culture free from branding, commercialism, buying, selling… show people that these things are not essential for a good time
  • Demonstrate and celebrate the abundance of creativity, passion, community – which are all free and abundant and unaffected by economics