2014: Infrastructure, Brand, Representatives

As 2014 began, both New York City and Boston swore in new mayors, after each city had had its previous mayor for several terms, since before FIGMENT had started. This succession of leadership in each city created some uncertainty for the teams in each city. New York City’s new mayor, Bill DeBlasio, was a former City Council member and Public Advocate who had not yet taken much of a stand on the arts and its role in the cultural fabric of the city. Boston’s new mayor, Marty Walsh, campaigned on a pro-arts agenda, promising to create a cabinet-level arts post for the first time ever. To commemorate and acknowledge the new mayor in New York City, the FIGMENT NYC team decided to make the theme for the annual artist-designed summer-long minigolf course, “New York City Now.” From the Call for Proposals:

"We have a new mayor in our city for the first time in 12 years, and we now have an opportunity to re-evaluate and re-imagine what our city is all about. We invite you to realize the New York City that exists in your imagination, through the populist medium of minigolf!"

As 2014 began, David Koren and the FIGMENT Admin Team were working on the 2013 Annual Report, the first Annual Report to be professionally printed.