ALPHA Artists and Projects 2018

Friday Night

Welcome to ALPHA Alpha Production Team Let's all gather to kick off the 6th annual ALPHA! (Feel free to come by earlier to sit by the fire!)


Cabin 7

Friday 5:30 pm
It's a Beautiful Wound Flash An autobiographical monologue about my three-year journey in underground therapy inspired by cutting-edge experiments using MDMA and psilocybin to help people heal from deep psychological wounds. Cabin 14 Friday 8pm
Bullseye Bodega strancozine Bullseye Bodega
A shootin' gallery of fabulous prizes!
Pavillion Friday 8pm
Friday DANCE PARTY Guest DJs We will have a mixer and a PA set up! Come shake your booty and share some grooves! Pavillion Friday 10pm-???
"I Do Not Have a One Man Show" Benjamin Wachs ("Caveat Magister") Author Benjamin Wachs (better known as "Caveat Magister") does not have a one man show. He is going to perform it anyway.

This paradox, if he doesn’t lose his nerve, if he doesn’t succumb to the sheer terror caused by the impossibility of art and magic, will allow him to rip his heart out and put it on stage, using it as a crystal ball through which you can view your own soul.
Cabin 14 Friday 11pm

Ongoing/Random/Roaming Events

Theo an Immersive Experience Sexy Tramps Jr Edition Did you ever wonder what its like to be a parent? Do you have kids and just wish they were different? Would you like to try your hand at being a grandparent and then just walk away? Wanna just good old fashioned play? COME HANG WITH THEO! Bring your grampage gear or animal costume, bring yourself. Warning Theo may not like you, his dad won’t get along with you, you may have to follow instructions, life may never be the same.


Cabin 11

The "What you want, a cookie?" Cookie Booth The Slyeeshka Institute for Global Cookie Mischief We at the Slyeeshka Institute for Global Cookie Mischief believe in the power of self-doubt, so if you think you're worthy of a cookie, come roll the dice. We'll play God and decide whether you indeed do, or do not, deserve a cookie—for whatever it is that’s so great you think you deserve one for. So join us at the "What do you want—a cookie?" booth: where the cookies are terrible, the challenges are boring, the judges are jerks, and everyone is a Monster.


Cabin 7

AlphaBlocks NDWYCO Come play with the alphablocks! Field Pavillion Ongoing/Random
Totally Amateur Tarot Readings! Carly I've been teaching myself to read tarot cards for a few months and I'd love to share my newly-acquired, extremely limited knowledge with all of you! I'll be doing simple three card readings for those who are interested. There's no set time for this project, so feel free to come find me to request a reading.

Please come with a clear head, an open heart, and very very low expectations. Unless you just want to watch me shuffle cards. I am reasonably good at shuffling cards.
Roaming Ongoing/Random
Dead Jim Miss Fidget Explore frustration! Write your grievances on a piece of paper, jam it inside of a giant soft sculpture dead horse. Then using provided weapons, bludgeon dead beast. Feild by Cabin 7 Ongoing/Random
Speed Manicures Miss Fidget Want to feel even MORE pretty? Mani-curious but time crunched? Find Miss Fidget and she'll be glad to spiff up your pretty fingertips in less time than it took to read this. Roaming Roaming
So Many Markers Miss Fidget Vendor sent me a new box of 100 kid safe colored markers w/ a holiday order. Got class, flock of kids, or others who need this whole set and their handy shiny box? Find Miss Fidget and ask about the new markers. Roaming Roaming

Saturday Morning

Foraging Hike Gwendolyn Ellman Please join us as we embark on a 1-hour hike (in a non-strenuous fashion) through the trails at Ramblewood and its adjacent forest. Throughout the hike we will be discussing the area's natural ecosystem, foraging opportunities, and many other ecological points of interest. Come get your nature on. Lake Saturday 10 am
Man Camp Quentin Davis Man camp:
We used to live in a world that had very static gender roles that delimited the skills that each gender needed to fulfill their arbitrary purpose. Now that these static roles are shifting we need to share these skill sets more widely. Man camp is an opportunity to share the skills that have traditionally been taught only to the male children. We will be demonstrating useful skills like, changing a tire, tying the 5 basic knots used in camp craft and beyond, building a fire; theory and practice, and any other topic that the participants are interested in that traditionally would have been taught only to the male children.
Pavillion Saturday 10 am
Driverless Taxis Wrangler (Stacey Newman Weldon) with Kostume Kult Using playa-tech technology, I am creating 6 taxi--shaped seating. 4 will be yellow checker cab style, one will be black town car, and one will be painted red to simulate the Tesla sent into space. Each cab requires about 4 pieces of plywood. The two vertical sides will be cut out per a template I've created. The other pieces make up the base for seating. People will be able to help cut the wood and paint per my direction. Outside Pavillion Saturday 11am
Black Light Dyeing Workshop Marianna & Sara Dye fabric with black light dye for the black light party after the Ancestor Memento Alphagy Burn! Pavillion Saturday 11am
Revocation Valentine Bitch. Slut. Idiot. Worthless. We all have words and images that have been used to hurt us and take away joy and peace and happiness from us. Revocation is one part art project and three parts introspection and individual transformation. Come join us and revoke the power negative words and images have gained over you and reclaim yourself. Field by Cabin 7 Saturday 11am
Petite and Pokey Pyrotechnics Mina, Narcoon and Carol Make sparklers for the effigy burn... "regular" and senko hanabi Outside Cabin 7 Saturday 11am
The Boarding School Project: Mermaid Edition Pluto The Boarding School Project (BSP) is inspired by the activism of tribal members as a means to reclaim both political sovereignty and cultural identity in the aftermath of governmental forced assimilation. The project invites observers to suspend their imagination and envision a world in which boarding schools are still used to oppress and obliterate the cultures of mythical humanoids in the name of humanization. Through education and costume-making, the first in this series will explore the exploitation of mermaids in an alternate reality where they have been dominated by human conquest. Pavillion Saturday 11am

Saturday Afternoon

Procrastinator's Craft Session? Steph, Jess, Alison, & Andrew Ever start working on a costume piece and never finish it? Had a great idea for an LED accessory and then never started it? Us too. Join your fellow procrastinators as we attempt to motivate each other to work on costume/LED projects. Bring your own in-progress pieces or come pick through our offerings. We'll have: embellishments, fabrics, fake flowers, fairy lights, blinky things, and more, plus tools (sewing machine, glue guns, soldering irons) for you to play with! Or look at while you sit around and talk, we don't care. Motivation is hard. Pavillion Saturday 2pm
Not your Grandfathers Stamp Making workshop, and possibly not a stamp making workshop The Shadowy Pickle Tribe Did your Grandfather have grand plans of making clocks and then not come through? Well, no worries, this possible stamp making workshop will alleviate those feelings of disappointment. Pavillion Saturday 2pm
Mini-Burn Heidi K. Build your own Mini Burn sculpture. We’ll supply the material (toothpicks, popsicle sticks, matches, lint, twigs). You build a down-sized burnable sculpture under 12” high. Learn about one-match ignition, density of wood and rate of burn and fall. Or, just create something awesome and have fun without any heavy thinking. Once sculptures are completed, we’ll provide a safe perimeter for you to burn your piece.

You can join us in building or just come check out the sculptures and watch them burn. Dancing and frolicking around the burn is encouraged.
Pavillion Saturday 2pm
Batik Workshop Daniela Morell Batik is a Javanese wax-resist dying technique that is probably too messy for my apartment so I’m gonna try it at Alpha. Please join me in figuring this out! Basically you paint hot beeswax onto fabric, dye the fabric, and remove the wax. Bring a t-shirt or whatever fabric you want and I’ll also have extra stuff for folks. Anything you want to bring to make wax patterns is also cool – old paint brushes, squiggly potato mashers, etc. In homage to last year’s Alpha project we might as well toss in some participatory mandala batiking too! Pavillion fSaturday 2pm
Stencil scratchin with Nar Nar I will be working outside of cabin I have this old stencil that I made about 13 years ago, and I want to make it into a art submission for Figment! It's in rough shape, and needs a little TLC. If it works still (time will tell!) I'm going to be painting it all up too! Pavillion Saturday 2pm
REUSE: the forgotten R - Fabric Upcycle Workshop Lisa Linguini Inspired by making enrichment for animals with items in our recycle and donate bins, we will start the workshop by deconstructing old or rarely worn clothes to create no sew toys for your pets at home, and to donate to animal shelters. The same materials will then be used to inspire the maker to craft their own wearable art, or whatever they imagine.
You do not have to attend the workshop to participate.
Attendees of Alpha will be asked to bring CLEAN t-shirts, sweat pants/shirts, old fleece, or spandex, and can stop by to prep fabric anytime on the weekend.
Pavillion Saturday 2pm
Partial Destruction Monsters Noy Not quite total destruction, wear a onesie! Pavillion Saturday 4pm
its art... it's my art, its your art... its some"bodies" art Art by Steven and Carrie and all of you! we plan to make it a participatory art project, we provide the paint and the one large canvas, you help us make the art with your body parts... no brushes, only fingers, elbows, feet or what ever body part you would like to use to add color and fun to our canvas. There will be soap and loofas for washing after. Cabin 14 Saturday 4pm
Sustainable Power for your Projects Darrel O'Pry You, too, can do right by the planet while still having the power to build cool projects! Curious about how to generate power where you need it? Want to learn about options for storing power? Need to figure out exactly how much power you need? Looking for ways to use power more efficiently?

Please bring details about your projects and we'll calculate you power needs and put together specs, and a plan for running it off grid.

If you don't have a project, you can still learn enough to help someone else.

You'll get to take home a packet with the maths and references from the workshop.

Come take advantage of Darrel's obsessive interest in electricity, renewables, and power engineering to get the inside scoop.
Pavillion Saturday 5pm
Electricity 101- How not to fuck up your friends's party, redux. Satan Read the title... Giving a basic understanding of watts, volts and amps and how to plug in with confidence. Pavillion Saturday 5pm

Saturday Night

Ancestor Momento Splinter and Jordan Schulze

Inspired by real life events, this year's Effigy rides the line between an "Alphagy" an Alpha Effigy and an "AlphaGEMple" an Alpha Temple. 

Effigies celebrate life through ritual, community and release. Temples have been hallowed quiet places for reflection, introspection, and inner turmoil/peace release. This collaboration, inspired by all of the remnants, mementos, and official documentation of an entire bloodline ending up in one person's living room, is meant to create an opportunity for each individual to reflect on sentimentality and possessions,  or to be reminded to take time to stay in contact and celebrate life with people while they are alive.

Lake Saturday 10pm
Black Light Dance PARTY! Guest DJs ALPHA + KK BLACK LIGHT DANCE PARTY Pavillion Saturday 12am-??

Sunday Morning

Hair braiding Melanie Men and Women! Learn to braid your own hair or someone else's. Bring your friend or partner's head or just your own! Volunteer to have your tresses dressed! This workshop will cover the basics and as any Khaleesi styles as we can muster together! Near Cabin 7 Sunday 10 am
Action Painting NDWYCO Come paint with us! We provide the squirt guns, paint, paper -- you provide the inspiration. Paint is washable but, uh, maybe don't come in your finery? Opposite Cabin 7 Sunday 10 am
Giant Twister Lolly’s Giant Twister I’m making a huge Twister Game out of paint circles and tarp and a few twists on the rules Opposite Cabin 7 Sunday 10 am
Slo Mo Zone Art No Food   Outside Dining Hall Sunday 12-1pm
Bank David Exchange your wooden tokens for a cash equivalent or some sort of monetary instrument. Dining Hall Sunday 1pm
Good-bye Toast ALPHA Community   Dining Hall Sunday 2pm