It's Not A Joke: Project Submissions Due 4/1


It's all fun and games until you procrastinate so long that you miss your project submission deadline for ALPHA 2016.

Advantages to submitting EARLY include:

  • Getting access to a groovy materials reuse center to get stuff for your project
  • Having our logistics team see how they can coordinate getting your art stuff to ALPHA
  • Our "Art Cultivators" will work to connect you with artists working on similar projects
  • My undying love because that's one less reminder email I have to send
  • Your project gets listed in our event "program" so everyone knows the who/what/where/when/how 

Do you really think you can bring a bunch of wine barrels, wood, tools, and supplies without planning ahead?! Like, strapped to the top of a rental car or something? Be like Johnny B and Tim and let us know your crazy elaborate ideas ahead of time.

So you ask, "Well, how do I go about submitting my project, then?"

You have to buy a ticket first (which I suggest doing ASAP so you don't miss our Tier Two price!). There was a link in your confirmation email that allows you to fill out a form to send us your details. Having issues? Email us at [email protected].


ALPHA 2016

April 15-17, 2016
Maryland, USA

Spend a weekend at a rustic resort. Make new friends, create your art and share your skills. Light things on fire, join an ensemble, sing silly songs, and learn something new. Join a community of innovators, participators, and creators. It all happens at ALPHA!



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