April 30: last day to submit your project to FIGMENT NYC!

Photo ©2013 Stefano Corso. Batala NYC, All Women Afro-Brazilian Drum Band, FIGMENT NYC

Thursday April 30, 11:59PM ET is your last chance to submit a project to FIGMENT NYC!

You have only one more day to get your project in for the 2015 event! We want YOU, your creativity, your energy, your fun and your imagination!

The curators of FIGMENT NYC invite proposals for interactive art of all mediums. Interactive, or participatory, art blurs the lines between the artist, the art, and the people engaging with the art. We look for projects that encourage people to play, dance, sing, create, engage, experiment, and explore their environment. Theatre, dance, music, performance art, games, creative costuming, workshops, activities, three-dimensional sculptural installations are all common genres found at FIGMENT.

Get in your proposals and join us!


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