Happy Holidays from FIGMENT!

Thank you so much for all that you have done for FIGMENT in 2015. To the team members, artists, volunteers, participants, and donors, all who have given so generously of their time and energy… you make FIGMENT happen! 

In honor of Giving Tuesday, we decided to launch #GivingFigment. We asked our community to update their profile pictures on Facebook and Twitter to help promote the initiative. If you would like to participate, here is a link to the #GivingFigment picture.

It’s the easiest and best way you can help FIGMENT right now… and we look forward to your involvement in 2016!

Last month we asked our community to share the impact FIGMENT has had on them and on their community. We were so happy to receive so many rich and interesting responses. Here are a few that beautifully illustrate the effect FIGMENT can have on individuals and their cities. 

"FIGMENT has brought me in touch with local artists, and created opportunities for me to meet people I may not have met otherwise. It has inspired me to expand my skill set as an artist and try new approaches to encourage people to experience life in a new way." - Courtney Kreer 

“Over the course of two days at Figment, I participated in and observed so many wonderful conversations between people who would not have the opportunity to talk outside of the space Figment creates. It's difficult to quantify the value of that.” - Kelsey Koch 

“FIGMENT has the power to create social change through opportunities for self-expression and cross cultural exchange. It brings together people from different neighborhoods, religions, income levels and ethnicities that often stratify members of the same cities.” - Jess Hooks 

“Figment has connected me with many artists, and given me tremendous opportunity to realize creative public art projects.” -Chris Jordan “I love being a part of the FIGMENT team. I feel like I am doing a very small part to help make the world a little brighter and a little better for the next generation.” – Ernie Ambrose

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