Last Chance for Tier One Tickets

We are currently in the LAST WEEK for Tier One Tickets!
Prices go up after Tuesday March 1st!

You may be good at art, but your block printing skills won't be able to help you forge your Tier One Ticket.
Order your tickets NOW before you forget and the price goes up!

Purchase Tickets On Eventbrite

Tier One Tickets are $120 (up to 45 days before the event) 

Tier Two Tickets are $150 (45 days to 14 days before the event) 
Tier Three Tickets are $200 (less than 14 days before the event) 

Optional cabin beds are $40 for the weekend, while supplies last 
The optional meal plan is $60 for the weekend

What is ALPHA?

April 15-17, 2016
Maryland, USA

Spend a weekend at a rustic resort. Make new friends, create your art and share your skills. Light things on fire, join an ensemble, sing silly songs, and learn something new. Join a community of innovators, participators, and creators. It all happens at ALPHA!


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