The Principle of Self-Expression


"Each individual and collaborating group has unique qualities, and through self-expression can offer a gift to others. In this spirit, the giver should respect the rights and liberties of others." one of FIGMENT's 11 Principles

You can share more of yourself and your talents, whether it be through a favorite meal, sassy attire, body art, or the way you play... even your dirty laundry can be the way you express yourself.

Are you more drawn to the art of food? There's definitely a place for you at ALPHA:

Photo: Jun Chang

We had an artist that needed to air out their dirty laundry, specifically the unmentionables, and gave participants of ALPHA a chance to do so as well. What would you have written?

Photo: Art No Food Photography

15-17 April 2016

ALPHA is an event for everyone who creates. ALPHA is a place to experiment and try new things... a place to launch new projects, to collaborate, to improve and refine existing projects, to dive in and create something new and unexpected, to reinvent yourself completely as an creator.

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