The Principle of Giving


"FIGMENT is devoted to acts of gift giving and volunteering. FIGMENT itself is a gift from volunteer artists and event staff, who hope that each participant brings an attitude of giving. Giving does not imply a return or an exchange for something of equal value." one of FIGMENT's 11 Principles

Not only does giving support your feelings of self-worth and increase your confidence, giving allows us to connect with and contribute to our community. Gift giving can come in many forms:

  • Do you have a special skill that doubles as a gift? Participant Vanessa gave spectacular hair cuts using a barber chair, scissor set, and big mirror that she brought herself. 

    Photo: Art No Food Photography
  • Every year at ALPHA, we create an effigy to burn at the end of Saturday evening. It's always a full group effort - before and during the event! Volunteering your time for the effigy is always rewarding.

    Photo: Chris Jordan
  • Giving also shows itself in taking time to teach someone else a new skill. What skills can you share with other ALPHA artists?

    Photo: Karie Henderson Photography

15-17 April 2016

ALPHA is an event for everyone who creates. ALPHA is a place to experiment and try new things... a place to launch new projects, to collaborate, to improve and refine existing projects, to dive in and create something new and unexpected, to reinvent yourself completely as an creator.

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