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(c) 2014 Anthony Collins, FIGMENT NYC
2014 has been an amazing year... FIGMENT was in 10 cities in 3 countries, impacting some 250,000 people. We appreciate everything that you have done to get us here... your creativity, your volunteerism, your financial support.

We hope we can count on you to support FIGMENT once more before the new year. 

You may have heard that last week FIGMENT decided to decline a donation for the first time in our history, from the Santacon event in NYC. It was a difficult decision, but we want to maintain our integrity focusing on free, family-friendly events that celebrate creativity and build community.  

To make up for this gap, an anonymous FIGMENT supporter has offered to match all donations we receive until 12/31. Your tax-deductible gift to FIGMENT today will be doubled. Please help us one more time before 12/31. Your contribution today will do twice as much to reach people with participatory art and build community around creativity. 

From everyone at FIGMENT, we want to wish you and your community a peaceful and regenerative holiday season!

David Koren
Executive Director

Photo (c) 2014 Anthony Collins, FIGMENT NYC

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